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Genuine,typical, healthy: a high quality pasta

PASTA TOSCANA: Whole wheat with Omega 3

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It is preferred by those who make of their own and of others

Well being a way of living

Once considered a poor nourishment, today we look at whole wheat with a very different awareness. It is preferred by those who make of their own and of others' well being a way of living. Whole Wheat Pasta Toscana with Omega 3 is made with semolina coming only from carefully selected wheat . It ensures a higher digestibility, a higher percentage of vitamins and minerals, an increased intake of fibres which contribute to a full-feeling which consequently helps keep weight under control. The content of Omega 3, which is assured by the addition of flax flour (Ala Omega 3) is equally important.

It is rich in dietary fibre, vitamins, natural

Nourishment mineral salts

They are polyunsaturated fatty acids that our body cannot synthesize by itself and must be therefore taken with a healthy diet. They are present in different varieties of fish, vegetable oils, nuts and legumes. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the preventive action of Omega 3 against cardiovascular and metabolic illness. Whole Wheat Pasta Toscana with Omega 3 contains a high quantity of fibre (32% of daily need) and natural nutrients that are necessary for our well being and that help us keep in shape. A perfect combination of taste and health. Its amber colour gives it the typical aspect, the taste is intense and full and it is appreciated by the most refined and difficult palates of both children and adults.

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