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Pasta Toscana Classic: genuine,typical, healthy

Pasta Toscana

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Genuine,typical, healthy: a high quality pasta

Pasta Toscana Classic

A land of poets, scientists, artists and painters but also of farmers with their faces burnt by the sun, of courageous entrepreneurs and of common people. This is Tuscany, with its creative history and tradition. Every landscape, every soul emanates charm, pride and that feeling of belonging and distinction that make it unique to the eyes of those who fall in love with it. To be Tuscan is something more than just a sensation which is at times indefinable and imperceptible. In any case, it is an unmistakable store of emotions for whoever feeds himself of the rich fruits of this wonderful land, made of gentle hill country, strong characters and ancient memories. There is nothing simpler than the authenticity of a plate of pasta ready to express an explosion of taste, flavour and sensations.



With Pasta Toscana Classic substance and tradition take form. It is a product of quality thanks to the selection of high quality durum wheat farmed only in our land and to the experience of the master pasta makers from whom all this adventure began. Pasta Toscana Classic combines the strength that is typical of this land, the quality of wheat milled in modern plants, the freshness of spring water and art. Yes, the art of pasta making, the heritage of a history that still lives on in every grain of wheat. It is the same heritage we wish to pass on to whoever wants to fully live this experience on their table.

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