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Genuine,typical, healthy: a high quality pasta

Pasta Toscana Organic

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Organic Logic a healthy

life with Pasta Toscana

A country cottage, a white and green checked table cloth and a steaming bowl of spaghetti with sauce; the taste of the past returns to the mind and the palate with the fullness and frankness that is typical of Toscany; that bursting fellowship that is so appreciated. Food takes possession of its multiple essence made of nutriment, health, equilibrium and taste that involves our senses and rationality. The discovery of a sensitivity and a deeper perception of what is good for our being, because food and mealtime should return to being lived as a ritual; this is the secret contained in Pasta Toscana Organic. A conscious choice that consents us to fully taste the authenticity and naturalness that is a part of us.

Respects nature and its environment

Good for the body, mind and soul

The passion and cure for what is good and genuine with which Pasta Toscana Organic is produced has brought to the research and selection of the best organic durum wheat grown according to an ancient farming memory when everything followed the rhythm of nature without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Simple ingredients, semolina and spring water guarantee authenticity and simplicity to the product. Tradition, advanced technology and bronze drawing confer it taste, flavour and elasticity.

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